Getting License Key

For the free users, we have 2-keyword limit. It allows you to see how rank tracker works. If you need to track more keywords you can choose "Basic", "Standard" or "Premium". You need to have a License Key to activate premium limits.

How to get the WP Rank Tracker License Key?

To get a WP Rank Tracker License Key, you need to follow these steps:

  • First, go to the WP Rank Tracker website and login to your account then click the "My Account" menu and click the "Purchase History" option.

When the "Purchase History" page is opened, you will see the information dashboard which has various data points about your account.

Let's review them;

ID: It shows the unique number allocated to each membership.

Date: This serves as a chronological guide, offering a timestamp for each subscription utilized.

Amount: This column indicates the amount of the subscribed package.

Details: In this column, if you click the "View Details and Downloads" text, you can find the details about your subscriptions for example; the type of your membership, amount, order, subscription date, renewal date, status, and license key.

License Keys: This part provides the "License Key".

  • After the previous steps, click the "View Licences" text under the "License Keys" column.

  • Upon clicking the "View Licences" text, it directs you to the page where you find the "License Key" and "License Details".

  • Copy the "License Key" written in that area.

  • Go to the WP Rank Tracker admin panel, on the homepage, you can control the Active Package type in the upper right corner. Now, it is free, but to upgrade to premium, we should continue the steps.

  • After entering the homepage in the admin panel, click the "Get Premium" option in the lower left corner. It directs you to the page which has an area where you will enter your license key.

  • Paste the license key you copied from the WP Rank Tracker website into that area and click the "Activate License" button. Now you have the Premium subscription!

  • Then, also you turn back to the homepage of the Rank Tracker admin panel and you can check the upgrade of your package. When you have the Premium membership, you will see the "Active Package: Premium" button in the upper right corner.

Cancellation of the Premium Package

  • In time when you want to cancel your Premium subscription, in the WP Rank Tracker admin panel, click the "Settings" button in the lower left corner. Then, on the opened page, you can see the information about your license type and a "Reset License" button. When you click that button, you can cancel your Premium license.

  • After you cancel the Premium license, on the same page, you can see the "License Type: Free" text so you can be sure about your cancellation process.

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