In its user-friendly interface, you can review your listed keywords. By selecting the desired date range, you can observe changes in your rankings for specific periods.

To add keywords, you need to follow these steps:

  • First go to the WP Rank Tracker admin panel, then click the Keywords button.

  • On that page, you will see the "Add Keywords" button in the upper right corner. When you click that button, a new window will be opened.

  • On that window, you will enter the detailed information; you will select a country as a 'Location' to limit the tracking and write the 'Keyword' that you wanted to add your list.

  • Lastly, click the "Add Keywords" button to swiftly add new keywords to the system and finish the process.

  • After that, you will come back to 'Keywords' page. On that page, you will see "Overview" board, in the upper part and under of this area, there is a "Keyword List" dashboard which you can see all keywords added into the panel.

  • In the "Overview" board, you can follow the information about your observation of added keywords such as 'Total Keyword Count', 'License Remaining Day', 'Last Keyword Check' and so on.

  • In the "Keyword List" dashboard below, each added keyword is listed with essential details, including the current ranking position, location, and status.

Let's review them;

Keyword: It shows the keywords that you added.

Location: This shows the country that you chose for the observation specificially about the determined keyword.

Position: This column indicates the position of the keyword in that determined observation.

Status: In this column, you can follow the process of the keyword.

Last Check: This part provides last control date of the keyword in detail.

Actions: When you click the button under this column, you will see opened three options; The ‘Update’ button, positioned next to each keyword, allows you to obtain current information for the existing keyword. Meanwhile, the 'Check History' button directs you analysis page of selected keyword and lastly, the ‘Delete’ button enables you to remove keywords you no longer wish to track from the list.

Checking History

With WP Rank Tracker’s special history page, you can take a detailed look at the ranking history of your keywords for specified date ranges. Graphs illustrating increases and decreases provide an excellent method to identify which keywords are improving in performance or declining.

In addition to other features, WP Rank Tracker also provides you “CSV” and "PDF" formats. When you click the "PDF" button, which is in the left below corner of the page, you will export the all keyword analysis as an Pdf document. On the other hand, when you click the "CSV" button, which is right to the "PDF" button, you will export the all keyword analysis as an Excel document.

When you export the documents as Excel or PDF files, you will find all keyword analysis in detail.

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